Why does using a home stager cost so much?


Great question!

Our pricing reflects the comprehensive services and expertise we provide to ensure a seamless and successful staging experience.

Here’s what goes into it:

1. We meticulously choose furniture and decor items that perfectly complement your space and target market.

2. Our team assembles and arranges everything with precision and care to showcase your home in its best light.

3. We handle storage logistics to keep our furnishings we use in each stage in great condition until they’re needed.

4. We work with trusted moving professionals to ensure safe and efficient transportation of furniture and decor.

5. Our dedicated team of professionals brings expertise and attention to detail to every stage of the process.

6. From initial staging to final de-staging, we manage every aspect to maximize the impact of your home.

While our services may come with a price, the value we provide in terms of saving you time, minimizing stress, and maximizing your home’s appeal is priceless.



We’re here to make your home selling journey as smooth and successful as possible!