kitchen renovationMany of us have a home we dearly love because it holds memories or is in a community we enjoy. It is dear to our hearts and works for us. Except…

Perhaps your home feels a bit too small. Or a bit too large. Maybe a room needs to be updated or expanded, or the kitchen could be laid out more conveniently! Another sink in the bathroom? A walk-in shower rather than a tub? That’s all doable. But there’s more involved than just painting with new colors or hanging different drapes. How do you go about making a room exactly what you dream it can be?

When you’re thinking like this–living in your house with ease and joy–our renovation design services can be an important part of your life ahead.

Lyn is neither an architect nor a contractor. What she does do is to bridge the gap between these two disciplines. Lyn helps you realize the goal of restructuring with beautiful aesthetics, to optimize the use of your home’s space. Having a designer on your team when you are thinking about large or small changes, will ensure that your end result is not just functional, but also allows you to live harmoniously in your new space. Designing Spaces by Lyn helps you understand the possibilities of your home and clarify your vision.


“Lyn provided wonderful design ideas for my bathroom and kitchen renovations and helped make the final beautiful rooms a reality! She has an incredible vision of what would look good yet also listens to what I like so it all merges in just the right way. I couldn’t be happier with the results! I would definitely work with Lyn on any other project in the future.” – Diane K. / Louisville, KY

Renovation Consultation

$225 for a 60-90 minute Renovation Consultation. Are you outgrowing your space but don’t want to move? Or perhaps it’s just outdated? Want to move a wall or change the structural configuration of your home? From architects to contractors, painter to plumbers, Lyn and her trusted team of professionals can help bring your vision to life! Day, evening and weekend appointments are available.

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