Top Five Reasons to Stage an Empty Home 

If you are reading this you probably already know that staging helps sell homes faster. It forces the seller to declutter and get rid of things that would not attract buyers.  But what about empty spaces, aren’t they already in move-in condition? Not so. Here I will tell you five reasons why staging an empty home is so important.


It makes a room look larger

An empty room appears small.  Without furniture, it is difficult to judge the space. How do you fit bedroom furniture into this small and somewhat awkward space?  

empty bedroom, small bedroom, hardwood floors, dark blue wall paint, plantation shutters

You may be thinking the walls are dark so we need as much light as we can get, but where will we put the bed? How do we work around these windows in this dark, small room?


Now look at the same bedroom below with furniture, it’s much easier to imagine how you would sleep in this room.

bedroom with furniture, hardwood floors, linavy wall paint, plantation shutters, white comforter, bedside table, bedside lighting, navy throw, art over bed

bedroom with furniture, hardwood floors, linavy wall paint, plantation shutters, white comforter, bedside table, bedside lighting, navy throw, art over bed



Empty rooms are cold and lifeless 

This is a small dining area off of a kitchen.  It surely would be easy to miss. It doesn’t have any memorable features and doesn’t look large enough tor a table and chairs.

dark room, empty stage, cold and lifeless room

Furnishing the dining room warms the space and adds life to this once dreary room.  Can you imagine eating breakfast here? Or sipping tea while chatting with a friend? I sure can.

We added a rug to define the space. Furniture and wall art makes the room much more inviting.  We also updated the lighting to connect to the contemporary kitchen.  Just a few simple tweaks and viola… look at the transformation!



A staged home taps into human emotions 

A large empty room has no emotional connection. Look at this rectangular-shaped living room. It has large windows, but the rest of it is pretty “vanilla.” Staging can add an element of personal attachment so that buyers fall in love and imagine living there.

empty living room; red oak floors, wide window cream wall paint; 8-ft ceiling 

Stagers learn what the buyer demographic demands and envision creating a space to attract just that person. In this living room below, everything from lighting to colors and artwork creates a feeling of attraction for the home.  It’s the look-and-feel that even includes the soft texture of the pillows and fabrics.

gray sofa, black-and-white-art, standing lamp, orange pillow, green pillow, 2 reading chairs, red oak floors, cream wall paint, grey rug, living room rug



Empty homes speak to the past

Buyers are thinking of their future when shopping for homes. You cannot see a home’s full potential when it’s empty.

empty family room, hardwood floors, windows, blue wall paint

Staged homes help families to imagine their future.  Expertly selected paint colors, contemporary furniture, and lighting can create a story of what is yet to come. 

staged family room, light grey wall paint, grey rug, grey sofa, plant, coffee table, standing lamp, leather chair, windows



An empty room almost always raises more questions

This room appears large but it has a lot going on. It begs the question, “how do we use this space?” 

orange wall paint, storage unit in entry way, white cabinets

fireplace, white cabinets, hardwood floors, empty dining room, empty living room

Walking into this room, you may say “Is this where we will watch TV and relax? Or is this a better place to gather and entertain friends and family?”


Look what happens when you place furniture in the room. Staging with furniture helps define the space and helps buyers visualize how to use the room. And, wow, what a difference a neutral coat of paint makes!

dining room table, dining room chairs, shelving unit, hardwood floors, light gray wall paint, built in cabinets

dining room table, dining room chairs, fireplace in dining room, white builtin cabinets, hardwood floors, light gray wall paint