Artwork is what helps define the personality and style of the homeowner and their home. It’s useful in tying colors, special accessories, or furniture together and creating character in a home. Choosing the right piece will provoke conversations and set the vibe of the space. Art adds warmth and intrigue to your home.

Eastern Parkway

When staging a home, we rely on art to set the mood and define the space. Art is what brings the room alive. Art will connect you to the home. It adds depth and character, and a sense of authenticity to any room.

Examples of how we used art in previous homes we staged or designed:


Living Spaces tips for picking art:

Whether it’s original or mass-produced, expensive or not,

make sure to buy only what you love!


Color is the number one thing people get caught up in when trying to choose art, often because they’re trying to find something that perfectly matches exactly with the colors in the room. Sometimes the colors in the art you choose can be the total opposite of what you already have, or you might want something that’s only black and white, or completely neutral. What matters the most is that you find something that compliments the space. Look for a piece that you are attracted to, and don’t worry too much about perfectly matching colors.


In general, art should take up 57% – 75% of any wall that isn’t covered by furniture or moldings. If your artwork will be hung over a sofa or credenza, it should be 2/3 to 3/4 the width of your furniture. If you are hanging a piece over a standard, 76″ wide king size bed, it should be between 45″ – 76″ wide.

You can opt for one large-scale special piece or a bunch of objects for a gallery wall. Art doesn’t have to be a piece of print or canvas, it can take other forms. Sometimes you need to think outside the box for example a t-shirt, rug or hats can be displayed. Find a unique piece that best reflects you.


57” above the floor is the general rule…but rules are made to be broken! The larger the artwork, the lower it can be hung.