My wife and I moved into a house built in 1910 recently. We had also inherited a collection of artwork. We wanted help from someone who would assist us in choosing wall colors, new upholstery, and deciding what to put where in a way that would make the most of the beauty of our house and show off our art. Being new to the area, we also needed recommendations of good contractors. We had not employed a decorator before, but we thought that that the right person could help us make our new house look its best. We met Lyn when she came by to pick up the sign she had left in front of the house after staging it for sale for the previous owner. I cannot say that we bought the house because of the staging, but it was, well, attractive. I believe that she assisted the previous owner in some tasteful remodeling. Lyn shared her brochure with us and we found her approach attractive. It emphasized the importance to her of understanding her clients own taste and helping them express it fully. We have found that she does what she says. We appreciate Lyn’s methodical approach, which minimizes making decisions that do not work out later. We also appreciate her understanding and application of principles of color and design, and the contacts she has provided for people who do good work.

 – Joseph T. / Louisville, KY