How has the novel coronavirus changed your life?

Working safely with the coronavirus

I can’t imagine that anyone’s life hasn’t been changed. Certainly, mine, and all the rest of us at Living Spaces by Lyn, has been changed.

Some things haven’t changed. Living Spaces by Lyn is still working with our clients on staging, interior design and renovation. Our service level has remained tremendous. I’m proud to announce that Living Spaces has been awarded the houzz Award for Service again this year. And we’re still busy helping people in a wide array of projects.
How we do that has changed, though. Let me tell you about those changes.

We are still conducting onsite consultations, with best practices to keep our clients and our team safe. But we are also offering options via video conferencing.  This helps ensure that everyone is comfortable with the process.

After the video conference consultation, we will provide you with a detailed report. We will be available to discuss that report and our recommendations. This also includes paint color consultations.

For the situation where you would like to meet for the consultation, we use a COVID protocol that includes safety precautions such as social distancing and masks. When we are working with you to implement the interior design of your home, we continue to use this protocol for everyone’s safety.

If the property is vacant, we can provide estimates and do staging consultations using photos and video. Neither you nor your Realtor need to be present during the furniture installation.

Remember the houzz Award? This is the type of service we provide.

Our concern is always about doing the best job for you. And keeping everyone safe.